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Some really famous shooting locations you can visit in real life and have a great time

Some movies have actually been shot in real-life locations where people can actually go to the place and take photos and videos and whatnot. Some of these movies were also shot in studios which you can visit. I am someone who loves visiting movie sets. Hollywood is certainly an amazing place, Summerbay Resort which will help you make incredible movies I did actually continues to do so forever and ever. In this guide, I will be talking about a few tell me locations that some movies used and these are the locations that you will be able to go to, and you will certainly have a great time here.

The firehouse from Ghostbusters. The Ghostbusters headquarters is an actual place which is in New York, and you can actually visit there.

Nakatomi Plaza from Die Hard is located at 2121 Avenue of stars in fox plaza in Los Angeles California. You can visit there.

You can visit the hotel from the Grand Budapest hotel.

You can visit all of the Star Wars sets.

You can visit the pool from the movie 127 hours. You can even have a good time there.

You can go to the Xavier school of gifted youngsters. From the X-Men movies because it is an actual Castle in British Columbia. The CW has also used it for some scenes in the show arrow.

Hogwarts and so many more places from happy Harry Potter films are filmed in the United Kingdom. You can visit them at a fee. The Harry Potter movies actually have a lot of tell me locations and the best one is Warner Bros Studios London tour. It is the best thing that you can go to if you are a Harry Potter nerd. You can also visit the millennium Bridge, which is in the middle of London, as shown in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.


You can visit Buckingham Palace from Paddington, which is the actual Buckingham Palace in London. You can see it from outside you will not be allowed inside obviously.

These are some of the places that you can visit without any issues because tourists love going there. Another great place you can visit is Alcatraz Island which is in San Francisco. It was a prison, but they have now converted it into a tourist attraction. You can actually take about there, and you will be able to spend a couple of hours there. There is a beautiful view, as well.

You can visit a lot of Hollywood locations in Hollywood in Los Angeles which is one of the best places to have a great tourist experience in.


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